Wait On Me

I am God, just wait on me and I will lead faithfully
I have seen what’s yet to be, if you wait on me patiently

I know I’ve asked much of you, but I will see you through
I will sustain you in valleys that are deep
I know I seem far away, but that’s because I’m making way
For you to meet me where I am

And I know that the way I move is not the same as you would do
But trust me, just trust me

I know that it’s hard some days, I know that you are losing strength
But hear me as I say, I’ll never let you down
I know you are questioning, but I only give the best of me
And I gave all of me for you

My ways are good, my ways are true, my every thought is for you
I go before and I’ll give you more if you just wait, wait on me

© 2015 Martha Burnett


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