Almost Home


“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.”
Psalm 116:15

Keep your eyes on me, not your suffering
With my peace I’ll lead you home
Soon you’ll find your rest from your weariness
So lift up your head to hope

You are so precious to me, my faithful one
And I am your victory when the road is done

I will be waiting with open arms
To welcome you whose traveled far
I’ll be standing when you’ve fallen down
And will life you to a higher ground
You’re almost home, you’re almost home

Keep your eyes on me and all you’ve believed
Soon these things unseen, you’ll know
Just a few more steps, I am up ahead
And with a final breath we’ll go

Now I can give you all that I want to
Earth can hinder you no more
Now you can finally see all as it should be
Earth can hinder you no more

© 2015 Martha Burnett


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